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The Ontario Tennis Association (OTA) is the provincial sport governing body for tennis in Ontario and has roots dating back to 1890. It is a non-profit organization, and the largest provincial tennis association in Canada, boasting 241 clubs and 65,000 adult and child tennis players.  The two basic aims of the OTA are to encourage participation in the sport of tennis in Ontario and to provide a structure of services which will assist players to reach a level of competence consistent with their personal goals and abilities.  The strength of the OTA is seen in both its sheer numbers and exposure to every corner of the province, and for the creation and maintenance of an atmosphere of unlimited tennis opportunities for players of all levels, from grassroots to national calibre athletes.

The OTA provides support to the NCTA.  There is growing support for the OTA amongst the Ottawa clubs and various grants and programs have served to greatly strengthen the grassroots and competitive structure here is Ottawa.


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Club OTA App

Beginning in 2016, with the help of our partner Love Courts, we developed an app version of the card - enabling any member to activate their id and easily log in to Club OTA via their phone or tablet.

As is the case with so many technologies in today's world, things seem to change by the month, and the CLUB OTA app is no exception. In partnership with Love Courts and many of our sponsors and partners, we have expanded the functionality of the app to not only act as a member club id, and a loyalty card, but for 2017 we have also developed an exciting points race for players and clubs!

Simply put, players can now earn points just by playing at their club and, with those points, enter weekly contests to win prizes. At the same time, they will also be helping their club accumulate points, which the club can redeem to win club prizes. We will continue to add features to the app moving forward. To learn more about our new app, click here. Information on how to sign up for the app will be sent shortly.

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