Tennis Training Resources


Sometimes we're not able to get to the courts for a variety of reasons. Maybe you're injured, sick, working too much, can't afford the lessons etc. Right now we find ourselves in a unique position where we are just not allowed to go out in public so we wanted to share some resources with our members that might help us keep fit and keep out game sharp in a time of social distancing. We will regularly be posting videos and resources on this page so make sure to check back!

As a first post we are sharing a video from Top Tennis Training with some tips on how to improve your tennis from home. We hope you get something from it!

The serve is the most complex motion in the game of tennis. Here's 5 thing you can do at home to help improve your serve for when we are back on the courts.

Here's Jamie Murray, Andy's brother, with a couple of great at home tennis footwork drills you can try out!

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