Club News

Outdoor Rink season is finally over...

Due to our beloved Mutchmore rink being taken away from the community this past winter, St. James manager John Wins-Purdy decided to step it up and in partnership with GNAG and the City of Ottawa, built a rink on top of the tennis courts.  The ice rink that was built on the courts was the first of it's kind at St. James and in  Ottawa which used a special liner to protect the surface.  Nearly spanning the length and width of a full sized NHL hockey rink, outdoor winter activities, skating/hockey lessons and games were enjoyed by the entire community from early December to beginning of March.  After a long winter, we are looking forward to the rink melting away and starting the tennis season at St. James.

We are excited to have all of our 2013 staff returning for the 2014 season and ready to deliver great programs for juniors and adults.  We are expanding our junior program once again, taking part in the NCTA Summer Mixed League, and expanding our facilities in July...

Welcome Court 5 to St. James!

In partnership with the Ottawa Catholic School Board, Corpus Christi (located across the street from the club), and Canada Court Supplies, St. James will be resurfacing half of their concrete schoolyard and building a 5th court in July this season.  This court will be complete with net posts, regulation court lines and Kids Tennis court lines (red half court and orange 3/4 court).  St. James will be funding the project and will have priority access to the space after school hours, on weekends, and in the summer time.  We'd like to thank Michael Schreider, Principal of Corpus Christi, for helping to facilitate this project.

Mary Thompson Award

This award was created to honour Mary Thompson, a long-time St. James member and mathematics teacher at Glebe Collegiate. In 2003 we lost Mary to cancer, but her enthusiasm for tennis and her vitality will always be remembered. Please contribute to our annual award which goes to the most improved Glebe math student.